Singapore - Day 1

Perth has not been the same since Mrs. M moved to Singapore. So the only rational thing to do was to visit her in Singapore. I squeezed in a three-day trip to Singapore before my short holiday in Jakarta. Initially, I was planning to make up an awesome itinerary for Mrs. M and myself, but I got too lazy and in the end Mrs. M planned the whole thing for me. Which worked out even better now that she's a local Singaporean! Below are the some of the tourist spots and restaurants we visited. 

I arrived in Singapore at midnight on the dot. I've always been a nervous taxi passenger, having heard so many nightmare stories of women being abducted by taxi drivers. I made sure Mrs. M was awake and easily contactable before getting on a taxi. But, when I was assigned a taxi driver, all my worries disappeared, my taxi driver was a very polite and helpful Singaporean uncle. When we arrived at my destination he made sure I got all my bags and that someone was there to meet me! Thanks uncle!

Having arrived at midnight, obviously, the first thing I did in Singapore was, sleep! Not so early the next morning, I had to rouse Mrs. M to wake up so we could begin our adventures! First stop was Toast Box for a Singaporean breakfast. 

Melaka Iced Tea
Peanut butter Toast
Kaya Toast
Soft boiled eggs - 3 Eggs

We breakfasted in the Plaza Singapura branch of Toast Box. This place was very busy and later I found out, it's always busy. Mrs. M, her hubby and I all ordered the meal which included kaya toast or peanut butter toast, three soft boiled eggs (yes three!) and a drink. I chose the Melaka iced tea with the kaya toast for a real Singaporean experience. How much did I pay for all this you ask? Well, if my memory served me correctly, SGD$4.90!! And, I loved it all, the drink was refreshing, the eggs were soft boiled just right and the kaya toast was sweet and tummy-warming.

After our very affordable and satisfying breakfast, we headed straight to Singapore Zoo. Before my arrival Mrs. M has hyped up the Singapore Zoo, so my expectations were high. We decided to check out two out of the three Singapore Zoo branches, the Singapore Zoo and the River Safari. We also pre-purchased the tickets to get a 30% discount (SGD$55.80 per person).

The highlight of our visit to the Singapore Zoo had to be the Elephant show and feeding the elephants afterwards. For SGD$5 we bought a fruit basket from the zoo-keeper who supervised us feeding various fruits to the elephants. It was such a fun and amazing experience! Straight after, we made our way to the River Safari to meet the pandas! This was definitely another highlight, to see pandas so close up!

After spending about seven hours in both Singapore Zoo and River Safari, we were ready move on and rejoin human civilisation. So we Uber-ed our way to a seafood restaurant Mrs. M and hubby could not stop talking about, New Ubin Seafood.


Toast Box
#01-23 Plaza Singapura
69 Orchard Road

Singapore Zoo
80 Mandai Lake Road

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