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If you've read my other posts and viewed my Instagram photos, then you'd know I'm a BIG noodle eater! One of my favourite noodle places is Tua Thao in Bandengan. I don't come here very often as it's located far away from home, but would definitely come here every chance I get. The place is not fancy and can be hard to spot (they have a small sign hanging outside the restaurant), but if you come at meal times then expect to queue for a table.

So I came here on a weekday with my mum and sister (fellow noodle lovers). We ordered their bakso goreng (5 meatballs cut in half per serve), Hokkian lomie goreng (Hokkian mee goreng) and their specialty the Hokkian Lomie. I Googled what lomie meant as it seems people with different cultural (Oriental) background has their own version of "lomie" and it just means noodles with a thick soup (please correct me if I'm mistaken).

Bakso goreng (Rp. 7,000 per piece)

So Bakso Goreng as entree. It was to die for! Crispy inside and out. It is so tasty and porky and I'm not a fan of chilli but apparently it tastes better dipped into it.

Hokkian Lomie (Rp. 50,000)

The Hokkian lomie is my absolute favourite! The soup is thick and really rich with the egg scrambled into it. It is the perfect amount of tasty and it'll have you lapping it up until the last drop. There is a generous amount of pork, pork liver and shrimp to satisfy you as well. The noodles are thick and chewy but soft at the same time. If you're not a big fan of egg in your soup, or if you think this will be too rich for you, they also serve Hokkian Chamie which is the same as the lomie except it doesn't have egg in the soup.

Hokkian Lomie goreng (Rp. 50,000)
The Hokkian Lomie Goreng is another really tasty dish. Unlike normal mee goreng, it is really saucy, making it really thick and tasty. Also, there's plenty of shrimp, pork and fish-balls in it. I like how the lomie goreng is saltier than other mee goreng which can sometimes have too much sweet soy sauce in it. If you're going to order this dish, make sure you order the lomie goreng as they also serve normal mee goreng.

They also serve really fun drinks at Tua Thao. There's the old school Badak brand sarsaparilla, which is not watered and sugared down like other sarsaparilla brands you might find nowadays. They also have Kietna samboi, which is made of kietna (a citrusy fruit) syrup and they also give you the dried form of the kietna and kiamboy (dried plum) to munch on! It is so refreshing!

Badak brand Sarsaparilla (Rp,12,000 per bottle)
Kietna samboi (Rp. 20,000)
I would rate Tua Thao 8.5/10. Everything on their menu is tasty and very satisfying! I only wish they would open a branch closer to home!

Restaurant Info:
Lomie Tua Thao
Jl. Bandengan Utara No.1-I
Ph: 021 692 7764

Disclaimer: Restaurant info and prices were correct on 16th March 2015. Price were inclusive of taxes.


  1. Luo Mie Tua Thao Bandengan is the worst restaurant I ever visited.
    Think twice…… if you guys would like to visit this restaurant with family or friends considering the hygiene, the services and the time. The cashier even can not say "Thank You"

    1. Awww that's not good that you had a bad experience at Tua Thao =( did you at least like the food? In terms of hygiene and service, I thought it was pretty standard of cheap restaurants in Jakarta, the locals are not known to be friendly and great at customer service.

  2. I refer to "Luo Mie" as it is the specialty of this restaurant. The content is rich but the taste is so so. The soup is not as thick as mention above. Regarding the noodle, it is stiff instead of chewy. Probably they combined all orders and cooked all together in a big pan. Some parts were cook well and some probably not. When got customer's complaint, all order came out together at once. So the last customer that ordered the same menu "Luo Mie" would get it at the same time with the first customer's order. Imagine......

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback =) Could you recommend a place that serves better lo mie in Jakarta?


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