Siam Garden - Green Garden

Picture this scene. It's 7pm and raining in Jakarta. We were stuck in traffic after Holy Thursday mass, our stomachs rumbling and our intended destination (Eka Jaya restaurant) was only 1 km away but there was an endless line of cars in our path. Just then lights from another restaurant beckoned to us, Siam Garden restaurant. It was only a few metres away, it was open and there were plenty of tables available. We abandoned all thoughts of going to Eka Jaya and literally ran into Siam Garden restaurant.

You see I wasn't ecstatic about this change of venue for dinner because I've always been disappointed at the quality of Thai food in Jakarta. Living in Perth means I've always been spoilt for choice of delicious authentic Thai food, the same can't be said about Jakarta. But, boy was I wrong about this place!

Tom Yam Soup (Rp. 62,000)

For entree we ordered Tom Yam soup. I LOVE tom yam soup, it's sourness and heat always makes it really refreshing. Well Siam Garden's tom yam soup delivered just that and more! On top of being delicious the tom yam soup was just ever so slightly creamy, making it really filling. There was also plenty of mushrooms, fish slices and prawns to munch on.

Pad Thai (Rp. 45,000)

Pad Thai is a must have at a Thai restaurant, and it's usually the dish I use to judge the quality of the restaurant's cooking. Well the pad thai was delightful. It was saucy and nutty and the noodles were well cooked. The only downside was some of the noodles seemed like they were chopped while cooking as they were quite short, subtracting its slurpiness.

Kung Pad Med Mamuang Him-Pan Nai Puak - Prawn with deep fried Yam ring (Rp. 78,000)

My favourite dish of the night was the Kung Pad Med Mamuang Him-Pan Nai Puak, which is prawns with cashews inside a deep fried yam ring. I chose this dish because I really like deep fried yam. Well the yam on this dish did not disappoint, it was really crispy and the yam was soft and tasty. The sauce was the right amount of sweetness and I loved the garlic slices in this dish, it made the aroma and flavour of this dish irresistible.

Pla Tod Kub Pol La Mai Ruam - Fish with Rujak Sauce (Rp. 88,000)

The last dish we ordered was the Pla Tod Kub Pol La Mai Ruam, which was the fish with Rujak sauce. It's similar to sweet and sour fish and papaya salad, except this dish is quite spicy. There were so many flavours going on in this dish, but it all just works together. The vegetables was also fresh and made this dish really light and refreshing.

I do not have anything negative to say about this restaurant. On top of delicious food, their service was also excellent, with the staff being really helpful and accommodating with all our requests. Even their warm tea tasted great, it had a hint of Thai iced tea flavour but no sweetness, which was perfect for me.

I would rate Siam Garden 8/10.

I have received some feedback about Siam Garden and would just like to point out that I ate at their Green Garden branch. They have a branch in PX puri which I've heard is of lower quality in terms of flavour and serve smaller portions. 

Restaurant Info
Siam Garden
Ruko Green Garden
Jl. Panjang Blok Z2 No. 32
Ph: 021 581 4085 or 021 5835 5418
Opening Hours:
7 days a week
11am - 2:30pm
6pm - 9.30pm

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Disclaimer: All prices and restaurant info was true on the 2nd of April 2015. All prices were exclusive of taxes.


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  2. On top of being delicious the tom yam soup was just ever so slightly creamy, making it really filling. There was also plenty of mushrooms, fish slices and prawns to munch on.

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