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The catch up sessions continues!! This time it's with my partner in crime, Ms. C. We went through the torture that was Masters of Pharmacy together, failing and succeeding in all the same exams and units! Through it all I was a ball of stress, I was the crazy cat lady with no cats, I wouldn't have made it out alive if it wasn't for her cool and calm attitude towards uni and life!

Ms. C is the biggest foodie I know, during uni breaks we would always explore her favourite cafes and restaurants. I trust her palate completely!

This time she suggested we go to Asado. An Argentinian restaurant in Claremont, which I believe only opened recently (naturally Ms. C already knew about it and have eaten here before). The place has a Typika Artisan Roasters feel to it, with a large bar and kitchen exposed and large wooden tables for big parties or to be shared. The ambience was perfect especially with lots of natural sunlight coming in through their massive windows. The food was even better...

Lamb short ribs, mint yogurt, grilled garden greens ($22)

The first dish to arrive was the lamb short ribs. The portion was gigantic. I don't mean to start on a negative note, but this was my least favourite dish of the day. The flavours were great, the mint yogurt was really light and refreshing against the lamb and oiliness of the greens. The thing that put me off this dish was there was some cartilage (I'm guessing) within the ribs which was hard to detect and to remove before putting into my mouth. So I unexpectedly ate some and it left a crumbly and unpleasant texture. I would order this dish again, but would definitely inspect every bite before eating!

Jerk Chicken Tacos ($16)

Next up was the jerk chicken tacos. This was an absolute delight to eat! When the dish first came out, I thought it looked a bit small, but as we dug in I was proven very wrong. There was a really generous amount of perfectly grilled chicken that was absolutely delicious. The salad (coleslaw) was crispy and fresh and the dressing was creamy but light at the same time. The soft tacos were just that, soft and melt-in-you-mouth. You have to eat this dish quickly before the taco falls apart and you're left with a delicious mess.

Hand cut chips with aioli ($11)

These chips were not part of our original order, but when we saw a waitress deliver this to another table we just had to try it. The photo is not doing it justice, but Asado has managed to turn the humble chips into a masterpiece! I'm not sure whether I was just particularly hungry that day, or whether these are truly one of the best chips I've ever had, but we loved every chip. First of all its looks so cute and rustic. Second, every chip was perfectly crisp and crunched loudly with every bite. Third, that aioli was so creamy and the garlic was strong, so irresistible. It is a bit pricey, but for the quality and the portion size, it was worth every dollar.

French toast, dulce de leche mascarpoe and strawberry ($12)

Another item on the menu which piqued our interest was the French toast. From their menu online and photos on Urbanspoon, it seems they sometimes replace the French toast with cronut. Well either way, this was another dish that blew me away. We left this dish untouched for too long and the toast had gone cold, but it was still delicious. The toast was decadent with the perfect amount of cinnamon sugar. The mascarpone was sweetly indulgent and was perfect to dip the fresh strawberries into. Altogether, this dish was like Christmas on a wooden board.

Iced chocolate with coconut water and almond milk (~$7)

Asado also offers an interesting range of drinks including the Pressed Earth juice range. The drink I chose was the iced chocolate with coconut water and almond milk. I was a bit apprehensive ordering this drink as I love iced chocolate but I'm not a fan of coconut water or almond milk. This drink, however, won me over. Sometimes iced chocolates can be too thick and filling, but this was perfectly indulgent yet light. 

Alphabet juice ($9)

I believe Asado will continue to be a big hit and attract big crowds. Their menu is a bit pricey, but the portions were large and the food were high quality. Ms. C and I left very happy indeed, we were so full, we nearly rolled out the door!

I would rate Asado 8/10.

Restaurant Info:
Asado on Urbanspoon
Instagram: @asadobbq
Facebook: Asado

Disclaimer: Restaurant info and prices were correct on the 10th of April 2015. Prices included 10% GST.


  1. I really like that there's more options opening up in Claremont so if you go to Typika, Asado is just round the corner and vice versa :) I really like the sound of that french toast!

    1. I totally agree, Claremont Quarter is such a great place to shop so it's great that there are more places to hang out as well. Thanks for reading and yes the french toast was great! =)


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