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Another new-ish cafe in Freo! When people started talking about May Street Larder I had to double check they were not talking about Mary Street Bakery. I also had to look up the definition of larder as in my mind it was a place to make or keep lard... but, Google has since educated me and it means pantry or a place to keep food (for those of you who were also secretly wondering).

We arrived at May St. Larder at about 9.30am on a Saturday morning and it was already packed. We ended up sharing a large round table with another party, which we didn't mind at all. The place is really light and airy with large windows and lots of natural light pouring in. As we walked in it was reminiscent of walking into Tuck Shop Cafe, but more spacious. Also, May Street Larder has a self-service system, so order at the counter and collect your own cutlery, water and condiments at island in the middle of the cafe. After ordering you will get the mini wooden mannequin as your table number, super cute!

Smoked beef brisket hash ($26)

The ever-delightful Mrs. M, ordered the Smoked Beef Brisket Hash. The portion was enormous and looked rustic and very appealing. Tasting only a bit of this, it was very spicy. The heat from the beef, unfortunately, drowned out the other flavours of the dish. I also tried a bit of the beef brisket sauce and it was rather sour, eaten with the beef it helped dilute some of the spiciness. There were plenty of potatoes which were very crunchy and the poached eggs were cooked well. I imagine this would be a very filling dish, but in terms of flavour it was not my favourite.

Mexi-Can ($22)
I ordered the Mexi-Can, which consisted of beans, fried haloumi, avocado, two poached eggs and green salsa on top of a tostada. As you can see from the photos, there were also sprinkling of red chilli on this dish, which I carefully picked out and removed. Again, the portion was large and very filling. Overall the dish was pleasant, but lacked seasoning, once I added salt and pepper it brought out the flavours of the beans. I also would've liked more of the haloumi as it was the tastiest part of the dish and I just like haloumi. The eggs were also cooked well but the yolks were not very runny. I found the tostada was also very tough to cut and chew through, I ended up only eating the parts that were soaked with the beans juices.

Soul Sandwich ($22)

The third of our trio, who also happens to be one-third of the Cranky Tummy gang, Miss. D, ordered the Soul Sandwich.  This dish consisted of buttermilk fried chicken sandwiched between polenta waffles and topped with smashed avocado, smoked sour cream and pickled jalapeno. This was the star dish of the day! I only tried a piece and did not get to try all of the components of the dish, but I liked what I tasted. The waffle was crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside and the chicken was deliciously crispy.

Original Cocowhip ($7) with salted caramel topping ($2)

We were very full at the end our meals but was intrigued by the Cocowhip menu. We chose the original flavour with salted caramel topping and shared one cup between the three of us. When it came, it looked so appealing, complete with dripping salted caramel sauce. However, the first taste was not so appealing, the Cocowhip itself is really light, refreshing and not so sweet, but, the salted caramel left a bitter after-taste and did not taste salted at all. Perhaps they just burnt that caramel that day. I would definitely have the Cocowhip again on its own, it's made with coconut water, hence the name, and has probiotics equivalent to 20 cups of yogurt according to the menu. 

Overall, visiting May Street Larder was a pleasant experience. They have great atmosphere and friendly service. The three of us planned breakfast here as we had a very important matter to discuss, but we ended up staying for three hours chatting about nonsense! *Grin*
I think the flavours of their food could be improved and perhaps they will with time! I would definitely recommend ordering the Soul Sandwich when you visit!

I would rate May Street Larder 7/10.

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Disclaimer: Prices and restaurant info was true on the 11th April 2015. Prices included 10% GST.

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