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Tai-parfait seems like it will be the next dessert craze in Jakarta as I've heard a lot of buzz about it. I can understand why, it's very visually appealing and fun to eat. The first stall to open is in Gandaria City, South Jakarta. I really like their display of sample taiyakis with the different options of flavours and toppings.They all look so delicious I just want them to swim into my mouth! I also really like how they bake right in front of you, not only is it fun to watch, I also have more confidence in knowing what goes into my food!

Let's get cooking

 My sister (my trusty eating partner) ordered the taiyaki with vanilla soft serve ice cream, salted caramel sauce and red bean filling. For the filling, what they do is place red bean sauce along with the batter into the taiyaki mould as in the above photo. When the taiyaki is done, they add the soft-serve ice cream and sauce into the mouth of the fish, so the taiyaki acts as a cone.

Original soft-serve vanilla ice-cream with red bean filling (Rp. 43,000)
My sister's taiyaki was nice, the vanilla soft-serve is a just a standard soft-serve ice-cream, so nothing too exciting. I found there was not enough of the salted caramel sauce, and what was there was not salty enough, it was very sweet. The red bean filling added a nice flavour to the taiyaki and was the highlight of that particular flavour.

With matcha ice-cream, adzuki bean and matcha filling (Rp. 43,000)
I ordered the taiyaki with matcha ice-cream, adzuki bean and matcha filling. Unlike my sister, I found mine too flavoursome, I would recommend leaving out the matcha filling or choose another filling as the matcha flavour became too overwhelming. They also gave a generous amount of matcha cream on top of the matcha ice-cream, which was nice, but again, unnecessary. The matcha flavour of the ice-cream was strong and it wasn't too sweet, the adzuki bean added a good texture and sweetness to the dessert.

I would definitely come back for this dessert and try the other flavours. I also recommend coming prepared with tissues and wet napkins because it gets messy, especially if you're a slow eater. 

I would rate Tai-Parfait 7/10.

Stall info:
Gandaria City 2nd Floor
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda
Ph: 021 8350 355
Located just outside the food court on the second floor.
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Disclaimer: Prices and stall info was correct on 15th March 2015. Prices were inclusive of taxes..

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