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One of the things I love about Indonesia is the big culture of Instagram shopping. You can get almost anything on Instagram, clothes, shoes, phone cases, drinks, food and the list goes on! Everything you could possible want is at your fingertips and will be delivered to your door within a few days!

A few days ago I was craving for some sushi when my sister introduced me to an Instagram account that sells sushi! Their Insta name is kotakuhikari. I was intrigued! I've never ordered food online before and upon scrolling through their pictures, everything looked so appetizing. So we had a look at their menu and quickly chose what we wanted.

We ended up ordering the Kotaku Small box with these flavours:
  • Tenpura Chizu Roll - Shrimp tempura, cheese, mayo & kyuri with Kotaku sauce
  • Kane Roll - Beef teriyaki - spicy beef and cayenne pepper
  • Hofu Roll - Chicken kyuri, cheese with crunchy cream cheese topping
  • Akaru Roll - Salmon, kani with spicy mayo topping
  • Nagare Maki Roll - Tuna, cheese, kani with spicy mayo and tobiko topping

Kotaku Small Box - 5 flavours, up to 30 pieces of sushi (Rp. 165,000)

 We also ordered their drinks, the Matcha Oat and Choco Oat.

Flavoured milk with Oatmeal (Rp. 25,000 each)

You have to place an order at least two days before you want it to arrive, so I patiently waited until my sushi arrived to satisfy my craving.

When it did arrive we were really excited to unpack and dig in. It was well presented and came with soy sauce and chilli powder.

To my dismay, the taste was just so-so. I ate the Kane roll first, the rice was dry and tasteless, and the beef was so spicy, it just left a burning after-taste. It was a mistake to eat the Kane roll first as my mouth was on fire as I tried the other flavours...sigh. The tasteless rice was a common theme with the other flavours. The most decent one was the Hofu roll as it had a generous amount of cream cheese on top. The Akaru roll had tiny pieces of salmon in it and just slathered with spicy mayo to give it flavour. The tempura in Tenpura Chizu roll was not crispy and again the flavour mainly came from the mayo topping.

You get the idea, we were disappointed and my sushi craving was not satisfied. Then again it's probably best stick to eating freshly made sushi.

The oat milks were tasty, the green tea and chocolate flavours were strong and the sweetness was just right, but it is best served cold with ice.

My first online food shopping was not as successful as I had hoped, but at least my curiosity has been fed.

If you're curious too you can order their sushi from:
Instagram: https://instagram.com/kotakuhikari/
Whatsapp: 0812 9591 9000
Menu: http://www.KotakuHikari.com/eat-list

Disclaimer: Prices and seller details were correct on 23rd Feb 2015. Prices are inclusive of taxes.


  1. Mau mendapatkan pelayanan yang baik dan ramah???

    Modal Kecil bisa mendapatkan hasil yg luar biasa...

  2. Menarik sekali, perlu saya coba ini..
    kebetulan lagi cara tentang hal ini.


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