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My friend invited me to lunch last week, when she told me we're going to Bottega I just knew this place was going to be fancier than Iggy Azalea and Charli XCX put together. So I dressed my best and made sure my wallet was full.

We arrived and was greeted very politely. As we sat down I was very excited to have a look at their menu. Just then my friend uttered the words no hungry person would ever want to hear, "I heard the food is bad here." My heart sank, but I tried to keep an open mind and ordered dishes that sounded appealing.
Roasted Bone Marrow (Rp. 89,000)

As an appetiser we ordered the roasted bone marrow. When this dish arrived I started drooling. The bone marrow was massive and those garlic cloves looked so juicy. The flavour of the bone marrow was pleasant. It was garlicky which I like and the parsley added a nice aroma to the dish. The only downside about this dish was the bone marrow was really fatty. I expected it to be a bit more like and buttery gelatin (if there is such a thing), instead it was like eating garlicky fat. The highlight of this dish was the toast, it was also garlicky and toasted perfectly. 

Braised Pork Belly (Rp. 99,000)

My friend ordered the braised pork belly for her main course. Of course she offered me a piece and I did not hesitate to take it. It was delicious! The pork belly was tender and it was sweet yet savoury at the same time. The carrots were too oily for my liking, but the flavour worked well with the pork belly.

Quinoa Risotto with Pumpkin (Rp. 99,000)

As a weak attempt to be healthy, I ordered the quinoa risotto with pumpkin. When the dish came out I thought it was a bit small, but as I started eating, it felt never ending. The quinoa was a bit too crunchy than what I'm used too perhaps they had toasted it for too long. The flavour of the pumpkin was really strong, which I love. I had hoped for more chunky pieces of pumpkin, but in hindsight I probably wouldn't have been able to finish it anyway. The grated parmesan on top also made it feel like a pasta dish, making it even more indulgent and not as healthy as I had hoped.

Leche Frita - Fried Milk (Rp. 45,000)

Then it was time for dessert. This was the dish I've been looking forward to the most. We ordered Leche Frita or also known as fried milk. I've never had fried milk before, and did not know it was possible to fry milk, so was really excited to try it. When it came out, it was not what I expected, it looked like fried tofu. When I tasted it, I was blown away! It was crunchy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. I imagine it's what eating clouds would feel like. Dipping it into the condensed milk was essential, otherwise it just tastes like milk.

Leche Frita

Overall, I was pleased with the dishes at Bottega. I would recommend it for special ocassions and for romantic dates. The service was excellent, the food took longer than expected to come out, but it gave us a good opportunity to catch up before devouring the food. I'd give this place a 7.5/10.

Restaurant info:
Bottega Ristorante
Menara Bank Danamon
Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav. E4-6
Kuningan, Jakarta
Ph: 021 5799 2222

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 Disclaimer: All prices and restaurant information was correct on the 4th March 2015. Prices are exclusive of taxes.

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