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I'm writing this review as I'm mentally preparing myself for my wisdom teeth extraction. I've decided on taking the high road and extracting all four at once. As I have to go under general anaesthesia for this procedure I did have to fast. I only had to fast for six hours, but to take full advantage of this excuse, I've decided on a special "last" meal. Miss A actually chose the place, Sumiya Gin, the new Japanese grill restaurant in Northbridge.

When we stepped into the restaurant I felt like I was transported right into the heart of Japan, not that I've ever been to Japan =( . But the crowd, the decor, the atmosphere was everything I imagined Japan would be!

Wagyu Ribs with Special Soy Sauce
Premium Ox Tongue & Pork Belly

So, Sumiya Gin is the cutest grill restaurant I've ever seen. Even the grill was adorable! We started our meal with the wagyu ribs and the premium ox tongue and pork belly. We got grilling straight away and couldn't wait until everything was cooked to our liking. The first thing I tried was the ox tongue. I love grilled ox tongue, and this one didn't disappoint. It was cut into the perfect thickness, so it was easy to eat without having to cut up! The pork belly was also delicious, it was juicy, tender and the smell was so enticing. The pork ribs was cut a little thick than what I would've liked, but it was the tastiest one so far, especially with that soy sauce smothered all over it!

Wagyu Skirt with Salt and Pepper Sauce

At first Miss A and I were convincing ourselves the three first dishes we ordered were enough, but as we got our taste buds running, we could hold it no longer and ordered the wagyu skirt, this time trying the salt and pepper sauce. I thought we made the perfect decision to satisfy our bottomless appetite! The meat soft and there was the right fat to meat ratio, making it really indulgent. I did prefer the special soy sauce though.

Fried Red Bean Taiyaki With Black Sesame Ice Cream

To top it all of, we finished with desserts, the taiyaki with black sesame ice cream. I was a little disappointed that the black sesame ice cream was in fact vanilla ice cream with black sesame sauce, I was expecting real black sesame ice cream. As it was just the sauce the black sesame flavour was not strong enough. The taiyaki was lovely, with a good amount of red bean filling. I thought it didn't need to be fried though.

So, thank Miss A for bringing me here, what a memorable "last" meal! Your company was okay too =P.

Ratings: /10
Food: 8.5
Value: 7
Atmosphere: 8
Service: 8
Overall: 7.9/10

Restaurant information

Sumiya Gin
Shop 3, 447 William Street
Ph: 6114 7083

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