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Another weekend, another Korean Fried Chicken feast. This time we checked out the relatively new, 7 Grams in North Perth. The location is a little obscure, but once you see it, you can't miss their cute external and internal decor. When we arrived the place was filled with Koreans, so we knew they must have authentic flavours! So, 10 of us dined here and in the end we took up most of the restaurant. 

For starters we ordered the kimchi pancake. Although it looked burnt when it arrived at our table, it was actually quite tasty. I thought the kimchi flavour could've been stronger and I would've liked it a bit thicker or a bit more substantial, but otherwise it was fluffy and flavoursome.

Kimchi Pancake ($15)

Original - Whole ($23)

To begin with we ordered the whole original chicken. Pictured above was just the two pieces I ate (too hungry to remember to take a proper photo). Usually I would not order the original flavour Korean fried chicken as they would never compare to KFC, but this one was actually impressive. The flavour was not as tasty as KFC, but that skin was like crunchy solid gold! So irresistible.

Soy Garlic - Whole ($26)

Sweet Chilli with Cheese - Whole ($32)

As you can see we ended up ordering a LOT of chicken to share and we didn't stop here! We also ordered their side dishes: large chips ($7), large wedges ($8) and radish pickle ($1). Their side dishes were also very pleasing, not too expensive with fair portion sizes, dipping sauce and most of all they were tasty! The chips and wedges were sprinkled with herbs which smelled great and they all came out very hot and crispy.

As for the chicken, in the end the soy garlic was my favourite. Like the original, the skin was extraordinarily crunchy, but the soy garlic was covered with tasty gooey sauce which made it even more enjoyable. The sweet chilli was cheese also looked very appetising, but in the end I couldn't enjoy it as it was way too spicy for me! I think the name 7 Grams must mean they put seven grams of chilli on each piece of chicken. But, the chilli lovers at our table loved the sauce and could not get enough of it.

Overall, I was very impressed by 7 Grams. The prices are slightly cheaper than other Korean fried chicken in Perth and the flavours were amazing! Very pleased with our meal here. Also, they don't serve beer here, but BYO allowed at no charge! Yay!

Ratings: /10
Food: 8/10
Value: 8/10
Atmosphere: 8/10
Service: 8/10
Overall: 8/10

Restaurant Information

7 Grams
410 Fitzgerald Street
North Perth
Ph: 0406 133 331

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