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You discover great things while strolling down Barrack Street in Perth City. Various Pokemon and, more importantly, that Zensaki is offering FREE RAMEN for lunch. The offer applies in the month of August starting 11am every Monday to Thursday for the first 15 customers. When we found out about this offer Mr. T and I immediately made lunch plans to claim our free ramen. 

I arrived at Zensaki at 10:45am to avoid the queue and so ended up being the first customer there. To claim the free ramen they asked us to fill out a feedback form about their ramen and we were only allowed to choose one out of three of their basic ramen.

Salmon Coloured Plate ($5.50)

When we sat down we ordered immediately. As we were waiting the sushi in the picture above, on their sushi train, piqued my interest so I just had to try it! The sushi was delicious! The prawn on top was nice and juicy, but as if that wasn't enough, there was also tempura prawn inside the roll! There was also a cream cheese mixture just underneath the prawn, making the sushi very rich and indulgent.

Tonkotsu Ramen (Free)

Mr. T, under my urging, ordered the tonkotsu ramen. At first impression, the ramen was presented very well. We thought it was a bit odd there was tomato slices in there. Overall the tonkotsu ramen was nice, but the flavour lacked intensity. Apparently the flavour was more intense as Mr. T reached the bottom of the bowl, so perhaps and good stir is necessary.

Black Sesame Miso Ramen (Free)

I ordered the black sesame miso. The colour of the miso ramen was richer than the tonkotsu and the flavour was also more intense. I have to say I enjoyed the black sesame miso ramen more than the tonkotsu ramen.

Overall, we enjoyed our free lunch. If you were wondering, the normal price of their ramen is $12.50, we thought this was a reasonable price for the size and the chashu pork and half an egg that you get. I have to mention though, we ordered hot green tea and was charged $3 per person each, but was given only one pot of tea. I'm not sure if this was the normal portion size for the tea, but we thought that was very steep!

Ratings: /10
Food: 7
Value: 8
Atmosphere: 8
Service: 8
Overall: 7.8/10

Restaurant Information

83 Barrack Street
Ph:  9221 7577
Fb: Zensaki

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