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Mrs. M came back to Perth to play! Yay! It's only been one and a half months since she left, but it felt like a lifetime! When we planned a catch up, I knew exactly where I wanted to go, Pearl Restaurant in Applecross. I've heard raving reviews and repeat visits so I just had to try for myself. Before we arrived at the restaurant I can tell you there were lots of hugs and gossip to be had and it was going to continue throughout our dinner.

Pearl Restaurant expert, Miss. D, also graced us with her presence. So we left the ordering to her! Below are her favourite Pearl dishes!

Pho Tai

The Pho Tai is a must have dish at a Vietnamese restaurant. This one impressed us, but it was not the most tasty or authentic pho tai I've ever tasted. They were very generous with the filling and that soup was clear as glass though!

Bo Luc Lac ($24.95)

The Bo Luc Lac, I was told was a favourite dish at Pearl Restaurant and I could understand why. It was definitely the tastiest dish of the night. There were plenty of flavours going around and althought I hoped the diced beef were a bit more tender, it was certainly very enjoyable to eat.

Suon Ga Rang Muoi ($18.95)

Another tasty dish at Pearl was their suon ga rang muoi (don't ask me how to pronounce it). This chicken ribs dish was flavourful and the chicken ribs were nicely battered adding a very nice crispy texture.

Dau Hoa Lan & Bong Cai Xanh Xao Sot Thit Cua ($19.95)

Unlike the beef and the chicken, the broccoli and snow peas with crab meat sauce dish above was very delicately flavoured. Snow peas is one of my least favourite vegetables, so I didn't even bother to try it, but the broccoli drizzled with crab meat sauce was very pleasant.

Ice Chendol ($6)

For drinks I couldn't resist their Ice Chendol. I was very full by the end of the meal and couldn't finish the drink, which I regret very much! This was a perfectly sweet and sinful drink and it made me miss Indonesia, where ice chendol is probably only 50 cents a pop!

So what did I think? The dishes were all tasty, but not without faults. Perhaps I had hyped this restaurant too much in my mind, but I really didn't think this was the best Vietnamese I've had in Perth and the prices were a little steep for what they were. I guess the price was affected by location. So overall, not bad, but I won't trip over while rushing back here.

Last but not least!!! Merry Christmas to you all! Hope you have an amazing festive season with family and friends and everyone you love! God bless everyone!

Food: 7/10
Value: 6/10
Atmosphere: 7/10
Service: 8/10
Overall: 6.8/10

Restaurant Information

Pearl Restaurant
11 Riseley Street
Ph: 9364 2064

Pearl Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Disclaimer: Prices and restaurant information was true and correct on 8th November 2015. Prices inclusive of 10% GST.

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