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The birthday celebrations continues!

In my family, it's very rare that my parents would eat two Western food meals in one day, I wanted to have dinner somewhere fancier than a Chinese restaurant, but would cater to the Asian needs of my family. That's how we ended up at Barque!

Let me start by praising their impeccable service. I called them a few times to make changes to my reservation, the number of people and the time, and they were more than accommodating. As we had a party of nine, we were given their private dining room, which was really lovely and made the dinner that much more special! Thanks Barque!

Fresh Young Coconut ($8)

The Barque menu is purely tapas style. As we had quite a large party we were advised to order two of every dish. The dish I was most interested in was the "soft shell crab, kimchi and iceberg". By the wording of the menu, we were expecting a Korean style soft shell crab salad. What came out was so much better than we expected, soft shell crab san choy bau!

Soft Shell Crab, kimchi, iceberg ($21)

With the san choy bau, we all placed a big piece of the soft shell crab, kimchi and the sour cream into the lettuce and rolled it into a small parcel. It was delicious! The soft shell crab was crispy and we could hear a loud crunch with every bite. The sour cream was creamy and quite savoury. The kimchi was sweet, sour and spicy, just delicious. I would be happy to have just eaten this dish for dinner! It was definitely my favourite dish of the day.

Beef Salad, pickled red onion, green peppercorn ($32)

The menu item that intrigued the least, but turned out to be my second favourite dish of the night, was the beef salad. On paper the salad sounded unexciting, but, boy, were we wrong. The greens in the salad was so vibrant and there was a generous amount of vegetables and beef, which was cut into large pieces and cooked really well. Then there was the tasty dressing. The dressing was very light and had the perfect amount of acidity, making the salad sour and refreshing. This was an amazing Thai inspired beef salad! The salad only had a tiny hint of heat, if you're looking for more heat, then definitely chew on the green peppercorns (do so at your own risk!).

Grilled Quail, shan tomato ($28)

Now, I'm not a huge fan of quail, one, because they're so tiny and sometimes there's very little meat on them and two, I just imagine I'm eating tiny birds and it puts me off. But, I enjoyed this grilled quail dish more than I would like to admit. There was a good amount of meat on the quail and it was grilled perfectly and very tasty. The accompanying salad was similar in flavour to the beef salad, very light and acidic, very refreshing, except bit stronger with the garlic. Everyone at the table couldn't help, eventually, using our fingers to make sure we get every little bit of meat we could!

Coconut poached ocean trout ($34)

The only fish dish we ordered that night was the coconut poached ocean trout. Another colourful dish, but not as flavoursome as the rest. The fish was cooked well, very tender and was easily cut with a spoon. The coconut sauce was creamy and indulgent, however lacked seasoning. The salad was refreshing and we all liked the slices of mango and the fried shallots which added a nice crunch.

Pork Fillet, tamarind, pickled watermelon ($29)

The last dish we ordered was the pork fillet with tamarind sauce and pickled watermelon. Unfortunately, I did not taste the pickled watermelon, but the rest of the dish did not disappoint. The pork fillet was huge and cut thickly. The meat was soft and pulled apart easily. The sauce was thick and indulgent and was very much like a curry sauce. The only negative on this dish was the pork itself lacked flavour, so was best eaten with the sauce. Other than that another interesting and satisfying dish!

Everyone thought very highly of the food at Barque, both on the quality and flavours! The service was amazing, very attentive and helpful. I would rate Barque 9/10! Can't wait to go back to try their Massaman Curry, which looked so appetizing at another diners' table!

Restaurant Information:

125 George Street
East Fremantle
Ph: 9339 5524
Facebook: Barque Restaurant 

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Disclaimer: All prices and restaurant information was true and correct on 11th July 2015.

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