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Anyone remember Lily Aldrin from How I Met Your Mother? Well, I'm the Lily Aldrin in my family! I love birthdays! I love my birthday, I love Mr. T's birthday, I love my parents' and siblings' birthdays! Heck I love my neighbour's, who I don't even know, birthday! Well, two weekends ago was my birthday. It happened on a Sunday, which meant I had to be at work, so obviously, I made everyone celebrate it on the Saturday.

Early on Saturday morning we ventured down to Claremont Quarter, mainly so I can claim my free birthday Boost Juice! It's been a while since I last visited Claremont Quarter and I didn't realise there were a couple of new restaurants and stalls there! One of them was Lucioli, where Beluga used to be. From outside the place looked absolutely packed, as we sneaked a peek into their displays of pizzas and pastries, we found ourselves desperate to try this place. So we quickly asked for a table and started perusing through the menu.

Il Pescatore ($36)

The first menu item we agreed on was the Il Pescatore, a fancy sounding seafood platter. It was filled with crumbed prawns, fish and calamari with small sides of salad and chips. My favourites had the be the calamari, it was soft and not rubbery. The crumb was thin and crispy and the right amount of salty. I would've liked the prawns and fish pieces to have been bigger and juicier, especially for the price. In fact, I thought the fish should've been left as a whole piece rather than cut into tiny pieces. The garlic sauce that came with it was creamy and garlicky, and made everything else taste better.

Pasta ai Gamberi ($32)

We also ordered the Pasta ai Gamberi, a dish of freshly handmade pasta in cream and prawn sauce. This dish was the favourite of the day! There was plenty of prawns to share and the pasta was delicate yet substantial. The cream sauce though, perfectly creamy without the heaviness. 

Special of the day - Pork and Beef Burger (~$35)

The last main we ordered was the special of the day, their pork and beef burger. The patty was made from 50% beef and pork meats and it was very juicy and tasty. I didn't like how they used sourdough for the bun which was tough to eat, especially considering how tall this burger was! Also, we thought the salad on this dish looked a little sad. Other than that, the caramelised onion and melting cheese was tantalizing, making the burger even more delicious.

Thick cut polenta chips ($6)

As a side I ordered the polenta chips. Which I later found out, no-one likes. Well I was imagining it would be crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, but, this one was a little disappointing. It was very tough! The taste was so-so, but that dipping sauce was delicious. However, it was not as much fun to eat as I imagined as it was very difficult to chew. I will stick to fries next time I'm here!

Also, I feel I have to mention, the service here was nice, but not perfect. Everyone was friendly, however not very attentive. The cashier that took our order seemed bored and hurried and in the end got our order wrong, we weren't given an itemised receipt so we weren't sure if we were charged correctly or not (there was a meatball dish that they tried to deliver to us twice, but we hadn't ordered). With that in mind and also considering the food, I would rate Lucioli 6.75/10! I feel 6.5 is not fair, but the service really dampened our experience here.

Restaurant Information:

Shop 117, Claremont Quarter
(Gugeri St side enterance)
Ph: 9383 2883
Facebook: Lucioli Bar
Instagram: @luciolibar 

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Disclaimer: All prices and restaurant information was true and correct on 11th July 2015.

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