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The past couple of weeks have been crazy hectic! What with my birthday and my parents and aunty visiting from Jakarta, we've had a lot of reasons to celebrate, but, that means I've been neglecting my blog a little bit and I've missed it! Well, I'm back and I'm here to write about OEC Bob cafe, a new-ish cafe on Newcastle Street, Northbridge. With the Tuck Shop and Old Crow, so close by, this cafe has big name competitions!

My dad and I visited OEC Bob on a Friday for lunch. Just before going, I had a quick squizz on Zomato to see the rating and was a little apprehensive after seeing it was rated lowly. However, my curiosity got the better of me and we headed here anyway. Before arriving we had no idea what sort of cuisine was on offer and when we arrived we were even more confused as the decor was very eccentric! After looking at the menu, it became clear they served Western breakfast dishes and Japanese lunches.

Fairy Green Tea Latte ($7)

The first thing that caught my attention were these fairy drinks. They're pretty much drinks with fairy floss. I ordered the fairy green tea latte which was standard, it was not mind blowing, but the green tea flavour was strong and not too sweet. They also served the drink with a stick of Pocky, which was nice to stir into the drink and added a tiny bit of melted chocolate into the drink. The fairy floss, was just that, but really added a wow factor to the look of the drink, it was also nice to stir into the latte to add a bit of sweetness.


Kaarage Chicken Salad ($9.50)

For lunch, I settled on Karaage chicken salad after long deliberation between this and the soft shell crab salad. Well no regrets! When the dish was served, my initial thought was the colour of the karaage was too light so might not be very crispy. But, I was proven wrong. The kaarage chicken was nice and moist with a light and crispy crumb. The salad was fresh and balanced the oiliness of the chicken well. There was a nice amount of dressing on the salad and loved the sprinkle of parmesan cheese on the salad as well. For the price, the portion was large and satisfying!

Pork Katsu Bob ($12.50)

My dad decided to try the pork katsu Bob, which was pork katsu don. There was a very generous amount of pork with minimal fat. The crumb was also crispy and tasty and the egg was nice and fluffy. Again the portion was large and there was a refreshing salad on the dish as well. I liked how the pork katsu was not too mixed into the egg, keeping it crispy.

Despite the low rating on Zomato, we were very pleased with our lunch at OEC Bob cafe and will be back to try other dishes. The cafe staff are very friendly and from our visit it was obvious they already have a few loyal customers. I would rate OEC Bob Cafe 7.5/10.

Restaurant information:

OEC Bob Cafe
145 Newcastle Street
Ph: 9227 1584
Instagram: @oec_bob_cafe

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Disclaimer: Prices and restaurant information was true and correct on 10th July 2015. Prices were inclusive of 10% GST.

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