Homemade kimchi stew

So in December 2014 my family and I went to Korea and one of the food we had for breakfast, lunch and dinner was kimchi! So of course we jumped at the opportunity to buy some to take home with us.

When we got back home and life went back to normal, we forgot all about this kimchi we bought. So we were very excited to rediscover this bag of Korean made kimchi at the back of the fridge! So obviously we made kimchi stew! 

Seafood kimchi stew
We made two different types of stew, seafood and beef. For the seafood all you need is a large saucepan (as large as you need). First we quickly pan fried some crushed ginger and garlic, then turn of the heat and arrange the fillings that you want. For the seafood stew we had raw prawns, sliced fish ball, sliced fish, fried tofu, and of course the kimchi. Then pour in your favourite stock, we used boxed chicken stock. Then add the Gochujang paste, as much as you like. Then take a packet of your favourite instant Korean ramyun, and sprinkle the seasoning. Then put it back on the heat, put in the ramyun noodles and bring it to the boil. Ta-daaaa! So quick, easy and delicious.

Meat kimchi stew
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