Babi Panggang Atek - A Happy Accident

Our family day trips continue! Kind of, this time we trekked to Serpong, only half an hour away from Jakarta. My dad was actually going for business matters but the family couldn't resist tagging along as the relatively new Ikea store is there as well!

So as stated in the title this food review happened due to a happy accident. We were actually lookin forward to have lunch in a Padang restaurant that we heard was really delicious. When we got there, they were... closed. With disappointed hearts and empty stomachs we drove away. Luckily for us, there was another restaurant strip just across the street. We drove slowly past all the restaurants and one that stood out was Babi Panggang Atek (Atek's Roast Pork) due to the "Congratulations on the Grand Opening" signs that they displayed outside the door. Plus, they had air conditioning! A big tick in Jakarta.

Let's get down to food business. As it was only the second day that the restaurant was open, they had very limited menu, but they only told us this after they had given us their full menu and we ordered dishes that were not available... booo. But, anyway, they did have their signature dish, the special combination Hainan rice.

Special combination Hainan rice (Rp. 40,000)

 The special combination Hainan rice came with roast pork, barbecue pork, roast chicken and half a boiled egg.

The meats - roast pork, barbecue pork, roast chicken and half a boiled egg
When the food arrived, the rice came first and I dug in straight away. On its own the rice was flavoursome. It was a good combination of the garlic and ginger and not too salty so it complements the meats well. The roast pork had very little fat in it, which is how I like it, so you get to enjoy the meat. However, the crackling was a bit of let down as it was not very crispy and as you bite into it you can taste the oil they used to baste it. However, overall it was tasty and the meat was tender. The barbecue pork was also tasty but not sweet enough to my liking, but like the roast pork the meat was clean from fats. The roast chicken was a bit small, but the really well seasoned with salt and pepper and it was tender.

To top everything off, there was the gravy. It was definitely the best part, it made everything else taste better. I could only guess the main ingredient was the drippings from the roast pork, and between us, I suspect they add MSG as well, but once in a while couldn't hurt right?

The dish also came with pickled green mustard soup (sayur asin). I ate that after I ate the rest of the dish and it was a great palate cleanser as well.

I'll definitely come back to this place, it's perfect for quick lunches or dinners!
I give this place an 8 out of 10.

Restaurant info:
Babi Panggang Atek
Jalur Sutera Kav 29D No. 35
Alam Sutera
Ph: 021 5312 1874

They also have branches in Duta Mas, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Palem Lestari and Taman Ratu.

Disclaimer: Prices included 21% tax. All prices and restaurant info was correct on 25th Feb 2015

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