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It's raining ramen in Perth right now. It seems like a new ramen bar is opening on every corner of every street. One of the latest is Eat Me Ramen Bar. Yesterday I finally had the chance to try Eat Me and here's what I thought.

Umami Bomb ($15)

From the small list of ramens available, I chose the Midnight Sun. The broth is on the thick side,which I like. The broth does get richer as you get to the bottom of the bowl, so it's best to stir well before eating. Even then, the flavours of this ramen are subtle, the smokiness from the pork belly was one of the strongest flavour. But, I loved all the toppings that came with the ramen. There was corn, butter, egg and the pork belly!


Midnight Sun ($15)

Mr. T ordered the Midnight Sun. When his bowl arrived we were a bit disappointed, it looked like plain noodles in broth. But, as he stirred all the toppings underneath the noodles surfaced. The pork belly, boiled egg and mushrooms. I thought the flavour of this ramen was much stronger and better than the umami bomb despite how it looked. 

Overall, we enjoyed our lunch at Eat Me Ramen Bar, would definitely be having the midnight sun when we revisit!

Ratings: /10
Food: 7
Value: 7
Atmosphere: 6
Service: 7
Overall: 6.8/10

Restaurant information

Eat me Ramen bar
110 Barrack Street
Ph: 0422 810 239

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