Me and U-Bento - Perth

While we were in Melbourne and enjoying the gyu tan don at Menya Ramen, we heard that Perth has its own delicious gyu tan don in a new-ish restaurant, U-Bento. So, after we arrived back in Perth we tried U-Bento as soon as possible. Here's what we thought.

Gyu tan don ($12.90)

Well, obviously we ordered the gyu tan don. It certainly looked very similar to the one at Menya ramen, but it was considerably smaller. I didn't mind though as it was a few dollars cheaper. So, I thought the tongue was cut a little too thinly, the flavour was very nice, but a little too salty as, so more rice was needed per spoonful to balance it out. I liked how there wasn't too much rice in the bowl, so there was a good balance of quantities of ox tongue and rice.

Unagi don ($12.90)

Another dish we tried was the unagi don. On first glance, it looked very impressive, for the price they were generous with the toppings, especially with the unagi. I loved the flavour of the unagi and the egg individually, but when eaten together the flavours of the egg overpowered the unagi.

Black garlic ramen ($12.90)

We also tried the black garlic ramen. This dish smelled amazing! It looked amazing too! Well, this ramen was certainly garlicky. I thought the garlic was too overpowering at times, but the chashu and the egg tasted great.

Overall, we enjoyed our dinner at U-Bento. The gyu tan don was similar to the one at Menya ramen, but I would have to say Menya is still the clear winner. I thought everything was well priced and the dishes were all tasty.

Ratings: /10
Food: 7
Value: 8
Atmosphere: 7
Service: 7
Overall: 7.3/10

Restaurant information

144 Murray Street
Ph: 9218 9938

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