Two Birds with One Stone at KU DE TA - Perth

The expression, "when it rains, it pours", is so true when it comes to my social life. There are weekends when I've got no plans and then there are weekends when I don't even see our house until Sunday night. Well this weekend was one of those weekends and funnily enough I pretty much spent it at one place, KU DE TA.

On the first night, some friends had actually planned to visit KU DE TA and we made reservations at Ku Dining. 

Wagyu Beef ($88)

For our dinner at Ku Dining, Ms. C and I ordered the Wagyu beef dish to share. This dish was pricey, but you do get 400g of the beef and could easily share between two to three people. The beef was tender (they don't ask how you want it cooked) and the broccolini was tasty and charred perfectly. The beef was also served with humongous cuts of spring onion, which we thought was odd, but actually taste great.

Potato Galette ($12)

We also ordered the potato galette to share. We didn't know what to expect with this side dish, we were all imagining some kind of potato bake, but when it arrived it all made sense, it was a type of potato crepe. It was delicious the potato was thin perfectly thin and the crepe made it very crispy.

White Fish ($32)
"Black Gold" Delice ($20)

Miss J ordered the White fish for her mains and the "Black Gold" Delice for dessert. I didn't try the White fish, but Miss J enjoyed every bite. I did have one small bite of her dessert and it was chocolate heaven. The "gold" sponge was actually honeycomb and the dark chocolate sponge was similar to an Aero chocolate. The main component of the dessert was the chocolate mousse and it was smooth, sweet and decadent. 

We enjoyed our dinner at Ku Dining, they had great service and atmosphere. It was a great place to relax, enjoy food slowly and have a good catch-up. We thought the menu was slightly difficult to understand, it was hard to imagine what any of the dishes would be like. The prices were also on the high end for Perth, but the dishes we had were tasty.

Then, the following night, some friends invited Mr. T and I to join them for dinner at KU DE TA. This time we visited The Deck. Below are the numerous dishes we tried!

Garlic Bread with Mushroom Relish ($12)
Vitello Tonnato ($25)
For the Love of Europe ($24)
Wholemeal Bigoli Carbonara ($25)
Crab Spaghetti ($25)
Pepperoni ($23)

Yes, we ordered a lot of food, we even shocked the waitress. But, we did share between the seven of us and we were famished. 

We started the with the garlic bread with mushroom relish. The bread was not so garlicky, but it was all mushroom! This is a great dish for mushroom lovers. Next, we had the pizzas, We loved the wholemeal pizza base and the crust was perfectly crisp. The pepperoni pizza was certainly a crowd pleaser, but I loved the For the Love of Europe pizza as I've always been partial to seafood pizzas. 

Then came the pasta dishes. The hit of the night was definitely the carbonara. The carbonara dish was served with an uncooked duck egg yolk, when mixed into the pasta, it made the pasta even creamier. The other pasta dish we ordered was the crab spaghetti. This dish was creamy, but much lighter than the carbonara and it had a strong Japanese influence with a not-so-subtle dried seaweed flavour.

To finish the dinner we ordered the Vitello Tonnato. Simply put this dish was thinly sliced beef tartare covered with herbs and capers. The beef was melt-in-your mouth, and it was great on top of the crispy toast.

So, The Deck of KU DE TA is a great place for a more casual and laid-back catch up, although it does get loud and busy. I especially loved the pasta dishes, but the pizzas were great for larger groups and tasty too.

Ratings for Ku Dining: /10                                             Ratings for The Deck: /10
Food: 8                                                                                         Food: 8
Value: 7                                                                                        Value: 8
Atmosphere: 8                                                                            Atmosphere: 7
Service: 8                                                                                     Service: 8
Overall: 7.8/10                                                                    Overall: 7.8/10

Restaurant information

306 Riverside Drive
East Perth
Ph: 6234 1100

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