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Where to go when you're craving seafood? Grab a Yabby in Mount Lawley would be a good place to start. With a couple of friends, Miss D and Miss S, I was finally able to visit Grab a Yabby. We were very excited for the prospect of the endless yabbies we were going to consume. So we were more than a little disappointed when we found out they had run out of yabbies on the night we visited! I'm not sure a restaurant named Grab a Yabby is allowed to run out of yabbies, but they did.

After we got over our initial shock over the yabbies we actually took a proper look at the menu and started ordering. Before we knew it, we ordered half the menu. Well, not really, but it felt like it.

Sweet Potato Fries ($8)

Crunchy Prawns ($17)

Soft Shell Crab Sliders ($18)

For starters we ordered the sweet potato fries, crunchy prawns and soft shell crab sliders. These were the starters I was able to eat. The sweet potato fries were juicy yet crunchy and we loved the chilli and mayo combo it came with. The crunchy prawns could've been crunchier. I did expect it to be thoroughly battered, instead there were only pieces covered in batter. But, it tasted great and the prawns were very sweet and juicy. The soft shell crab buns were good, the soft shell crab was very crunchy and there was a good amount of it. I did think the sliders lacked a bit of sauce and a bit more flavour would've been great.

Lava Wings ($18)

Miss D and Miss S also ordered an entree that I dared not touch. It was the lava wings. If a menu item comes with a warning that it's spicy I tend to believe it. Even the waiter had to confirm we were sure we wanted to order it. Well, Miss D was confident to begin with, but with each bite you could see the development of sweat droplets around her forehead. Miss S was acting all tough, but I think her stomach and was shivering inside! Needless to say, it was spicy!!!

Freshwater Crayfish Combo ($39)

Finally, our seafood combo came. The freshwater crayfish combo comes with half a pound of crawfish and half a pound of yabbies. As they were out of yabbies, they were replaced with the Moreton Bay bug. We ordered the combo with the XO sauce, which is very similar to an Indonesian sauce known as Saos Balado. The crawfish (pictured above) were super adorable! They were really tasty, but really tiny. The Moreton Bay bug was much larger and very satisfying! The sauce was a combination of sweet and sour and it tasted great. We did order the mild version for my benefit, but I think a little bit of spiciness would've been great.

Coconut Jelly ($12)

To close off our meal and cool down Miss D's stomach, we ordered the coconut jelly. This was a jelly placed into a coconut shell and served whole. Well, it was certainly coconutty and we loved how you can still peel the coconut meat off the inside of the shell! It was a refreshing and light dessert.

Overall, we really enjoyed our meal at Grab a Yabby. We got over the disappointment of the lack of yabbies and enjoyed the other menu items we tried!

Ratings: /10
Price: 7
Food: 8
Atmosphere: 8.5
Service: 7
Overall: 7.6/10

Restaurant information

Grab A Yabby
Shop 6/609 Beaufort Street
Mount Lawley
Ph: 0434 272 677

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