Feeling Majestic at Regal Crown - Mount Lawley

A quiet Saturday night in was in order after a hectic week at work. The only problem, Mr. T and I were too exhausted to cook, so we had to leave my comfortable bubble of an apartment and went in search of food. After a few minutes of driving around aimlessly and me scrolling through Zomato to find a restaurant that would accept us in our pyjama-like outfits. We made a decision to try Regal Crown. I'm not saying they attract badly dressed customers, they just looked cosy and welcoming. We were totally right, the waitress did not bat an eyelid when she saw two under-dressed zombies walking in, instead she welcomed us warmly and seated us at a comfortable table.

Before we even arrived, we already knew what we were going to order. Butter chicken, palaak paneer and garlic naan. Those are our must have menu items at any Indian and Nepalese restaurants. But, to act the part of normal customers, we took a few minutes to peruse through their menu.

Garlic Naan ($4.50)

For the price of the naan, we were suspicious that the portion would be tiny and we would need multiple serves, the waitress told us, it comes with four slices and each slice the size of her palm. We resisted the urge to order more than one serve. We were glad we only ordered one serve as it turned out each slice was massive, not like the size of a palm, more like a face. I'm exaggerating of course, but, it was just enough to share between the two of us.

Butter Chicken ($17.90)

The butter chicken serve was also generous with plenty of pieces of chicken. I personally thought the butter chicken was tasty, the sauce was thick and the flavours and aromas of the spices were present. Mr. T thought it was a bit too sweet. That didn't stop him from devouring it though.

Palaak Paneer ($13.90)

The palaak paneer was also satisfying. There were plenty of feta and the sauce was a touch spicy, but was not sweat inducing.

We really enjoyed our meal, mopping up every last drop of sauce with the naan. Truthfully, this probably wasn't the best Nepalese/Indian food we've tried, but the service was great and prices were reasonable. It was the perfect choice for our lazy Saturday night meal.

Food: 7.5/10
Value: 7/10
Atmosphere: 7/10
Service: 8/10
Overall: 7.4/10

Restaurant Information

Regal Crown
400 Lord Street
Mount Lawley
Ph: 6114 8486
Facebook: Regal Crown

Regal Crown Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Disclaimer: Restaurant information and prices were true and correct on 19th Dec 2015. Prices inclusive of 10% GST.

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