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Mr. T and I have some news, we're engaged! Dinner at The Trustee was the start to the special night. I was actually the one to plan this dinner as I wanted to use a gift voucher that was near expired! So this night was not only special because of what happened, but also because of the food and also because we paid next to nothing for the dinner! This night couldn't get any better! Literally! The reason I chose The Trustee was to try their dessert degustation and it did not disappoint.

Escargot ($23)

To start the dinner we ordered their escargot. Mr. T was a little apprehensive about eating snail, but as soon as he had the first bite, all doubts were gone. The escargot was soft and tasty. The sauce was the winner of the dish though, very rich, creamy and delicious. The dish also came with toasted brioche which was perfect to mop up all the left over sauce!

Prawn Linguni ($34)

For mains I chose the prawn linguini. I chose this dish purely because it includes blue cheese! The linguini was cooked perfectly. The sauce was indulgent without being too heavy. The prawns were very juicy. The best part had to be the blue cheese, the pungent cheese made the dish and they sprinkled just the right amount so that it was not overwhelming.

270g Aged Black Angus Sirloin ($47)

Mr. T chose the Angus sirloin for his main. This was a monster dish. As I'm not a big fan of steaks, I only tried a tiny bit of the black angus sirloin which I found was very tender and cooked perfectly. The sauce was also creamy and flavoursome, great with the beef and to dip the fries into. Mr. T finished this dish in a matter of minutes, so I know he enjoyed it!

Now, it's time for the dessert degustation. The cost was only $25 and it was a five course degustation. We told our waitress that we would be sharing the desserts and they were more than happy to accomodate us. Also, if you were wondering, you don't have to call up in advance to order the dessert degustation, just come and enjoy!

Chocolate Mint Ice Cream Cone

The first course was the chocolate mint ice cream cone. As Mr. T and I were sharing the desserts, they were thoughtful enough to give an extra cone for the first course for an extra $2.40. The cone was like a mini Cornetto or a Peters Drumstick. The top a layer of rivermint cream which was very light, smooth and minty. The second layer and last layer was the rivermint ice cream, which again, had a strong mint flavour. The cone was topped with a sprinkling of chocolate. These were very cute and irresistible.

Chocolate Crepe

The second course was the chocolate crepe. The delicate chocolate crepe was folded over the wattleseed mascarpone filling and sprinkled with a shortbread crumb. The mascarpone filling was smooth and sweet. As I'm not sure what wattleseed is supposed to taste like, I'm not sure if the cream fitted the description, but it was delicious. The crumb added a nice crunch to a what was otherwise very soft and ethereal dessert.

Reverse Cheesecake

We were then served the reverse cheesecake. The cheescake was made of Yarra Valley Dairy gentle goats curd served on top of the lemon myrtle crumb. This dish was very cute! All the flavours in this dish was subtle except for the rhubarb gel, so when everything was eaten together, the rhubarb flavour dominated. The goats curd was very soft and creamy and the crumble was also soft with bit of crunch. 

Native LLB Sorbet

Then came the lemon lime and bitter sorbet. This dessert looked like sophisticated and fun cocktail. The sorbet itself was refreshingly sour and of course, cold and the lemon lime and bitter flavour was on point! The rim was covered with orange sugar, the sweetness of lit cut through the acidity and the orange flavour was really present. It was a great palate cleanser!

Deconstructed Pavlova

Last but not least was the Deconstructed Pavlova. I'm not a fan of pavlova and when I found out this was the last course I was initially very disappointed, I didn't want the last thing I ate to be something I wouldn't enjoy. However, any doubts I had about this dish was immediately shut down with the first spoonful! First of all, I thought this dessert looked very cute, like a mini garden. Second, the flavours of all the components were amazing. So the dish included apple and almond creme patisseire, freshly cut kiwi fruit, passionfruit puree and strawberry puree. The dish was acidic, sweet and refreshing. The pavlova drops contributed much of the sweetness and a nice texture to an otherwise "mushy" dessert. This was hands down the best dessert course of the night!

From start to finish every dish blew us away and their dessert degustation is definitely worth a try! We rate The Trustee 9/10!

Restaurant Information:

The Trustee Bar & Bistro
133 St. Georges Tce
Instagram: @thetrustee

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Disclaimer: Restaurant information and prices were true and correct on 21st Aug 2015. Prices inclusive of 10% GST.

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