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There are rare occasions where I wake up and feel like eating healthy. On one of those rare occasions, my mind immediately thought of Flora & Fauna. Photos of food from F&F have been popping up everywhere and everything looked so colourful and healthy! So, Mrs. M and I made a trip to F&F, and to top of my healthy stint, I walked there! Which turned out to have been a horrible idea as it started pouring halfway through the walk. Despite the weather, and F&F's very tiny cafe, we both still really enjoyed the food!

Chia Protein Bowl ($20)

I didn't need to peruse their menu for very long, because as soon as I saw the chia protein bowl I couldn't think of anything else! The chia protein bowl is made of coconut and cardamom chia pudding, topped with fresh fruit, sweet almonds and coyo. Only later did I find out what coyo was (vegan coconut milk yoghurt), but, I didn't need to know what it was to love it! The chia pudding was not what I expected, which was a solid set pudding, instead it was more like a chia soup, but delicious nonetheless. All the fruits were fresh and juicy and I loved all the edible flowers. This dish is so packed with goodness, I could feel the cholesterol falling off my arteries!

F&F Heirloom Bruschetta ($19)

Mrs. M ordered the F&F heirloom bruschetta. This dish was packed with three types of tomatoes on a quinoa, gluten free loaf, fresh avocado, olives and feta cheese. This was another tasty and healthy dish, all the ingredients were fresh and naturally delicious. In fact, Mrs. M enjoyed it so much, she couldn't think of anything feta for breakfast!

Flora & Fauna must be the smallest cafe we've been to so far, but it packs a massive punch! We would rate Flora & Fauna 9/10!

Restaurant Information

Flora & Fauna
70 Aberdeen Street
Ph: 0468 948 281
 Facebook: Flora & Fauna
Instagram: @florafauna_perth

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Disclaimer: Restaurant information and prices were true and correct on 21st August 2015. Prices inclusive of 10% GST

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