Taiwan Day Four and Five Part 2

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Welcome to the final part of our China Trip series which is also of our last day in Taiwan.

On our fourth night in Taipei, we made our way to Shilin Night Market. Another famous and highly recommended night market.

Fried Milk (NT$3 per stick)
Hot Star Fried Chicken (NT$70)
Shilin fried Chicken
Shilin Fried Chicken (NT$70)

If you make your way to Shilin night market by MRT, get off at Jiantan station rather than Shilin station as it is closer to the Jiantan station.

The food we really wanted to try at Shilin was the fried chicken. There's a franchise called Hot Star that has an outlet in Ximen night market, but we wanted to try the original Shilin fried chicken. It was difficult to find and we found it by following a trail of people who were carrying plastic bags filled with chicken! The queue for the chicken was long and I waited about 20 minutes until I got to order. It was totally worth the wait! The chicken was amazing, tasty, juicy and crunchy! I did prefer this one to Hot Star, however my Mum preferred Hot Star as the Shilin one was a more soggy due to the sauce they dip it into. Both Hot Star and Shilin fried chicken is a must try when visiting Taipei!


We're very close to the end of our Taipei trip. The fifth day was a short day as we had to be at the airport by 2pm. Before we left though, there was another place we had to try, it was Ay-Chung flour rice noodle, located in Ximen night market, but is open during the day. The reason we were so desperate to try this place was because every time we walked past it, day or night, there was a long queue and a large crowd enjoying the noodles.

Large portion (NT$65)

Turns out, Ay-Chung's noodle was absolutely amazing! The rice flour noodle was really fine and soft. The soup was a bit oily, but so tasty that I just didn't care how fatty it was. There wasn't much filling, there was just mushrooms and topped with chopped celery and spring onion. There was also chilli oil, crushed garlic and vinegar readily available for free to add to your noodles. I totally understand why people would queue for these noodles, it's cheap, filling and delicious. Also, the even though the queue looked long, it actually moved really quickly as they serve the noodles with lightning speed!

That concludes our short trip to Taipei. I loved every minute of it and friends have actually started complaining about how much I talk about Taipei. I can't wait to come back! Thank you so much for reading and following my family's trip to China!


Shilin Night Market
Shilin District
Website: Shilin Night Market

Ay Chung Rice Flour Noodles
No. 8-1 Emei Street
Wanhua District
Ph: +886 2 2388 8808
More info: Ay-Chung Rice Flour Noodles

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