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I wanted to try Bambamboo when I heard of its opening while I was away. Then I forgot all about it, until last Saturday when Mr. T and I were shopping in the city and wanted to grab lunch. Located at 140 William Street, the place was much larger than I expected and I loved the modern Asian theme.

I also really like their ordering system, it's quick and easy and cuts out the middle man, however, it makes it difficult to ask for more details of the menu. It also felt a little awkward that the cashier was just watching and waiting for us order at the iPad, then for us to turn around and pay, but I guess I'm nitpicking. It was also a nice touch to SMS you when your order is done.

On to the food, I ordered the Hot n Sour Noodle Soup. I'm not a big fan of hot and sour soup, that's more my sister's dish, but the photo looked so appealing and I love noodles with thick soup so I decided on that.

Hot n Sour Noodle Soup (S11.50)

Well the soup was certainly hot and sour, with the spiciness being just right for me. However, the description for this dish stated there was pork, fungus and seafood along with the noodles.  There was a generous amount of noodles, mushrooms and soup, but, there was only three small pieces of pork and I failed to find any seafood. From the pork I had, the flavour was good but it was a bit tough. Also, I found after a while the flavours became boring as it was just that, hot and sour.

Mr. T ordered the fish in Singapore chilli sauce, a very good choice in my opinion. There was a generous amount of the deep fried fish as well as the sauce. The sauce was also really tasty and didn't taste too oily despite the description stating the sauce is mostly chilli oil. The spiciness was also just right and balanced really well with sourness. Mr. T ordered this dish with the fried rice to make it into a proper meal. I thought the fried rice was a bit bland so it's probably better to order the steamed rice instead as it was cheaper. Anyway, any flavour the fried rice had was probably overpowered by the chilli sauce from the fish.

Fish in Singaporean Chilli Sauce ($7.80)
Fried Rice ($4)

Then, just to overindulge, just because we can on a Saturday, we also ordered the Jian Jiao, the pan friend pork and vegetable dumpling.

Jian Jiao ($5.20/4 pce)

This was my favourite dish of the meal. The size was larger than your average gyoza with plenty of filling as well. The filling was tasty and I loved the crispy burnt bits on the skin, giving it a really nice crunchy texture. I wish I had some right now!

Our visit to Bambamboo was pleasant. I really like how they're generous with their condiments and tap water. The waiters and waitresses were also really friendly and the service was fast. I also think their ordering and pick up system is very advanced for Perth, in a positive way. I wished the food were tastier and more memorable, everything we tried was very nice, but wasn't the best we've had. Based on this visit I rate Bambamboo 7/10.

Restaurant info:

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Disclaimer: Prices and restaurant info was correct on 2nd May 2015. Prices were inclusive of 10% GST.

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