Shellfish Adventures At Long Beach - Singapore

Singapore is known for their crab dishes, black pepper and chilli crab are probably the two most popular. And when Singaporeans (and tourists) want crab, they go to Long Beach!

My family and I went to Long Beach for dinner at 5.30pm, it was the only time slot they had and turns out at that time, they had no other customers! So it was like we hired out the restaurant for a private dinner.

House Speciality Prawn (SGD$31.07)

We started the dinner with Long Beach's house speciality prawn, which is the cereal prawn. The prawns were very large and juicy and that batter and cereal crumb were delicious! 

Beancurd with Chef's Sauce (SGD$25.68)

We also ordered the beancurd with the chef's sauce under the recommendation of the staff. This dish was not as popular as the prawns at our table, the beancurd itself was delicious, but the addition of the floss and the sauce, which was a bit too sweet, was unlike anything we've tasted before.

Lobster (SGD$59.92)

The lobster was served next. This dish certainly wowed us with its presentation. The batter was tasty and that lobster was huge. I did think that lobster was a little dry after being deep fried, but below the surface there was plenty of lobster meat and it tasted very fresh!

Chilli Crab (SGD$166.92)

The piece de resistance of our dinner was the chilli crab. We ordered the fried bun to eat with this dish as well, which is apparently how it MUST be eaten! This dish was certainly overflowing with the chilli crab, it was pretty much chilli soup! We're not complaining though, because that sauce was delicious and perfect to dip the fried bun into. The crab was massive and the claws had the best meat to get our fingers into. 

This was my first time dining at Long Beach and now I understand why reservations fly out the door and people just take whatever time they can get! That chilli crab was extraordinary and to this day I can still remember that tastiness! 

Ratings: /10
Food: 9
Value: 7
Atmosphere: 8
Service: 9
Overall: 8.3/10

Restaurant information:

Long Beach - Dempsey
25 Dempsey Road
Ph: +65 6323 2222

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